View Full Version : Wine buff's guide to Zymol

Friend of Cheeky
31-08-2006, 10:09 AM
Dave Zymol and Al came to my place yesterday and did an amazing job on my car. Pics to follow but I thought iwould sum up the result in the style of a wine critic, just for a change.

The 355 F1 98 Vintage

When this vintage was first released it had a vibrant young colour, which after years of careful storage had gradually turned to a brick red. Rather unusually, this beautiful 355, after rebottling, suddenly looks like it did back in 1998, only better. The depth of colour is staggering and consistent throughout. It has a deep shine which gives it the appearance of a much later vintage.

Where once it had a rather austere feel to it, almost gravelly in parts, it now has exceptional smoothness, with a waxy underbelly. It is remarkably sensuous and erotic

On the nose, it has a hint of bubblegum with cedar notes. It smells expensive and classy

And it has great legs.

Which is why I'm going to go out now and thrash the nuts off it:grin: :thumbsup: