Glad the car has been reasonable for the first year Mike. There are some things that are well documented elsewhere that can cause big bills on a 360 and hopefully one acts promptly on the warning signs.
When I bought mine I started looking at tin tops at 60k and ended being able to buy a very good spider for 59k after travelling a lot of miles looking at cars and being disappointed. Spiders at the time were about 10k more expensive. The prices dropped on 360s during the 3 months I was looking and the first car I looked at, which was a good Modena, was willing a couple of months later to take 10+k less as the prices went down big time. He'd paid IRC 76k just over 12 months previously, so if unlucky it's easy to loose a lot of hard earned 's on cars. As an aside 360 prices seemed to be pretty firm if not rising for good cars at present.
Happy motoring