As someone who is part of the Ferrari ownership community, I felt it was important for me to advise others in the community of an experience I had with Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver. The dealership’s stated “mission” is to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, and boasts that they are “renowned for the individual customer care and service that is provided to each and every client”. Sadly, I remain extremely disappointed with the dealership.
In May 2013, during a routine spring tune-up, Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver (FMoV) negligently crashed my beautiful 2005 Ferrari F430F1 resulting in more than $36,000 damage.

They lied to me about the extent of the damage (i.e. “Just a scratch”), and wrongfully withheld my Ferrari for approximately 9 months after it was damaged. In particular, they would not release it unless I paid for the very routine service which resulted in the more than $36,000 damage to my Ferrari!

I was eventually able to settle the issues of repair cost and accelerated depreciation with Brian Ross, owner of FMoV, but not damage for the loss of use of the Ferrari.

I took Brian Ross to court in November 2014 and in August 2015 a BC Supreme Court judge ordered him to pay $15,000 for my loss of use of the Ferrari because FMoV wrongfully held onto the Ferrari for approximately 9 months after it was damaged.

Brian Ross was also ordered to pay my court costs in the amount of approximately $25,000 (actually only a fraction of my true legal costs now approximately $85,000). I appealed the $15,000 loss of use award because I felt that it does not reflect the market value of the loss of use of my Ferrari for approximately 9 months.

In September 2015, I sent a letter of complaint to Mr. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari S.p.A. in Italy informing him of FMoV and Brian Ross’ unprofessional treatment towards me. In reply, I received a letter from Mr. Edwin Fenech, President and CEO of Ferrari of North America (FNA), who apologized for my negative experience with FMoV, and referred the issue to Mr. Enzo Francesconi, Head of Aftersales at FNA, with the aim of working closely with me to try and find a replacement vehicle.

Following lengthy negotiations, in early May 2016, I called Mr. Francesconi specifically in order to be sure that I understood the settlement agreement offer. He confirmed that I would be given $130,000 (Canadian dollars) for my damaged Ferrari, and a $20,000 discount off a new Ferrari 488 as a goodwill gesture, and in return I would drop my appeal of loss of use amount and sign a non-disclosure agreement. So in early May 2016, I accepted the offer, signed the settlement agreement, and sent it to Mr. Francesconi for Brian Ross' signature. However, Brian Ross would not honor the settlement agreement, and for reasons that are unknown to me, Mr. Francesconi of FNA would not order him to honor it.

On October 1, 2016, I sent another letter to Mr. Marchionne of Ferrari S.p.A. explaining the situation and requesting his assistance to resolve this matter. I believe that Mr. Marchionne communicated with Mr. Francesconi of FNA, but Brian Ross would still not honor the settlement agreement made by Mr. Francesconi and me in early May 2016. As I told Mr. Francesconi, it seems Brian Ross has absolutely no interest in making me a satisfied customer.

I have several questions. First, “How is Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver still in business?” Second, why would anyone do business with Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver while this matter remains unresolved, and the worldwide Ferrari community still does not know if anything concrete has been done to prevent this sort of thing from happening again? Finally, at least in my case, why does it seem that FNA will in the end defend the dealership rather than a loyal Ferrari customer?

The above and other related matters are being discussed on the website under General Forums, Ferrari Discussion (not model specific), under the active thread, "A Ferrari Owner's Review of his Experience Dealing with Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada". The link is located at I welcome any comments or suggestions.

You should know that Brian Ross (through Mr. Francesconi) wanted me to delete the entire thread with more than 33,000 viewers (and rapidly rising) as part of any deal. So it seems instead of trying to make me a satisfied customer, Brian Ross wanted to delete all evidence of his and FMoV’s wrongful actions in this matter. I told Mr. Francesconi that’s not going to happen – the worldwide Ferrari community has a right to know about how FMoV and Brian Ross do business – at least in my case. If they want good reviews, all they have to do is provide good customer service in keeping with their mission statement.

In my view, Brian Ross and FNA have not honored the early May 2016 settlement agreement, and therefore I am proceeding with my court appeal of the lower court’s award of $15,000 for the approximately 9 months I did not have the use of my Ferrari after FMoV crashed it in 2013.

On November 30, 2016, I sent another letter to Mr. Marchionne of Ferrari S.p.A. explaining the current situation, and requesting his assistance in resolving what may be the longest running unresolved complaint (more than 3˝ years) in the history of Ferrari dealerships. As of the time of this posting, I have not received any response.

If this letter prevents even one person from going through this kind of experience with Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver, then I will have contributed in some way to the positive experience of Ferrari enthusiasts everywhere. I wish you all the best!

Dr. Lawrence Miller