Hello all,

I am a new member and have decided to become a member to post a couple of questions because we are running out of options and some expert advice is neeed.

I am from Cyprus and I am posting this for a family member who owns an F430 and is in need of some solid advice. I own a vauxhall myself anyway! Being on an island resources regarding non-average cars is scarce and in many cases wrong; hence the reason why we are here. It is a bit of a horror story so proceed with an empty stomach!

Here is the story so far;

1. The car has had been basically sitting in a garage for most of its life. It was a second hand car but before we got it it was still sitting in a garage.

2. It was only started occasionaly maybe once a month if not less.

3. There have been no modofications as far as I could tell other than cosmetic; except maybe from the intake manifold which might have been replaced for a carbon one.

This is where it gets really ugly;

4. The car has developed an issue where coolant was mixing with oil. We got the usual response from a mechanic for it being the head gasket or a cracked cylinder head.

5. Somebody suggested that the oil cooler needed to be changed so they changed that.

6. Of course that did not resolve the problem and then it worsened.

Parental advisory needed for the next;

7. The magnificent mechanics decided they had to pull out the engine so they could work on it (replacing the head gasket). I am also not sure that they even bothered pressure testing the cylinder head.

8. The car is now sitting in the garage -bar the engine- and the engine at the mechanics' shop.

9. In the mean time an "executive car dealer" jumped in wanting to buy the car suggesting he imports another f430 engine to put in this one and then to buy it back.

10. Back at the mechanics they are trying to find a gasket kit.

I would like your honest opinion; technical or not on what we should do with this.

Regards to all.