We've been busy....4 new products out this month, and rather than tease you all with each one, here's the combined launch of them all, with a product link if you want to find out more.

No point in spelling out what they do, as the product names say that clearly.

Odour Killer - permanent removal of odours with this enzyme spray: https://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care...our-destroyer/

No H2O - waterless wash: https://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care...w-car-cleaner/

Waterspot Remover - does what it says: https://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care...remover-500ml/

Rinse & Shine - post wash rinse aid: https://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care...ash-rinse-aid/

These are in addition to our Glass Shield, launched just before Christmas, which is now gaining real momentum. http://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care-...ading-sealant/

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