View Full Version : Indicator/hazzard lights not flashing on 348/355

30-11-2005, 12:46 AM
Indicator and hazzards lights come on, but don't flash. Can occur on a 348 or 355.

This may be due to a faulty "Flasher Relay".

Location of Flasher Relay
Try looking at "right knee level" (as if you are sitting in the driver's seat) just under the dash, you may have to pull down a bit of the carpet, also the manufacturer may have changed the colour since the car was produced so look for a relay made by ITALAMEC with something like 12V 42/92W or 12V 42/46 (x2) on it. Colour of relay may be light blue.

Fix 1: Unscrew and pull out relay and give it a clean. Re-insert.

Fix 2: Get a new Flasher relay. Part number 159265 (Cost £27.50 plus vat and posting from www.ferrariparts.co.uk)

Thanks to Malcolm (Ferraritech) from http://www.ferrariparts.co.uk (http://www.ferrariparts.co.uk/flash.html) for providing the answer and the pictures of the Flasher relay.