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22-03-2007, 11:37 PM
Hi guys, a few of you who hang about in Fchat and or have picked up on some of my infamous rows with Novice and or Sharp Practice guys operating in this business, will have noticed my fierce antagonism towards non clearcoated films in Norhern European climates. Whats the big deal many people comment let me show you!!

Firstly a little history, the car shown here is one of Porsche N Americas management fleet, they are installed by low cost unskilled contract labour at the Port of Entry, that means they have to be as easy to install as possible!! They use our designs but dont bother aligning them properly so ignore gaps and have to get a high number of cars out in a short timescale. So they use non clearcoated single ply films as they are a doddle to install (no serious skills required).

However these films have a major defect, this film is Avery, but could just as easily be Ventureshield or Llumar non clear coated film (both sold in the UK)

This car is under six months old (could be as little as 3 months), the blackening of the film is due to grime penetrating the film and cannot be removed, this why WE will never put this kind of product on anyones car!!!

Hopefully these pics will come out well enough on here for you to see what I mean:grin:



23-03-2007, 09:51 AM
Interesting stuff.
It appears from the pic that the film does not even cover the leading edge behind the light which is probably the place where it is most needed?? ?:thumbsdow

23-03-2007, 10:21 AM
It does, I love it when people read what I write,:grin: the people fitting these are largely migrant labour and as its contract work on US minimum rate they are never going to be good installers, so they dont give a monkeys about getting the alignment right to close the gaps, that being said it saves Porsche North America a ton of Money and if they are happy with what the guys are doing then thats their choice I guess (they work for them)!!

Work Gets done in five different ports around the US (main one being Atlanta)

The level of Install in these bears NO relationship to what we do :)

The main issue here was the nature of the raw material and what happens to this stuff in a short timescale :)