View Full Version : 308 GTS QV Birdman fuse box upgrade

25-11-2007, 07:38 PM
Just installed the "Birdman fuse blocks" into my 1983 euro 308 GTS QV

lots of threads on these over on the "dark side", so purchased a set

What a difference it has made and very easy to install

to Install I:
disconnected the battery on the ground connecter under the bonnet; Then marked the connectors with a marker pen;
Then transfered the upper connectors to the top side of the birdman blocks;
Unscrewed the old fuse blocks and let them hang on the lower connectors;
Screwed in the Birdman blocks and then transfered the lower connectors. The correct fuses were a bit hard to find overhere but our 30mm glass fuse versions fit and work well (same diameter just 2mm shorter).

Now the speedo doesn't wobble around and cut in and out!:hmmm:
I can see the instruments at night!:shocked:
The windows work faster!
The headlights have gone from a candle yellow glow to something approaching white light! (cibie and relay upgrade soon)

pic of installation for the record.