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Club Scuderia
23-01-2008, 01:01 PM
19 January 2008

I started today with slight intrepidation. I was about to go and view, and potentially collect my new Ferrari.

I woke up bright and early at 6am, as I had to catch the 8am train to Lancashire. Once I got to the garage, I saw the car parked out in the enclosed section of the forecourt.


I had seen images online, and obviously the occasional Ferrari in the movies. But never had I appreciated the sleek curves and raw beauty of the 360.

I was gobsmacked. and in in love.

Yes, I admit, I made the mistake of buying the first Ferrari I saw. Yes I let my heart rule and not my head. But isn't that what Ferrari's are about ? Passion ?

I looked at the service history. It looked good. All done by Maranello, bar the last one, which was done by another prestige vehicle specialist. I checked the recent clutch and cambelt replacements, all done by Ferrari specialists. This looked good.

The PPI had come back with good signs, and the car looked spotless.

I done the paperwork, and was handed the key.

When I started the engine, I was rocked by how it seemed to be connected to my adrenaline.

The key to the cars ignition, seemed to be the key to my adrenaline.

I was pumping !!!

I began the long drive home. The manual gearbox took some getting used to, as I haven't driven manuals for a while. But pretty soon, I was getting the biting point spot on, and starting to enjoy switching gears. I remembered reading posts here, where drivers said to try and keep the rev counter above 4000rpm for the beast to be unleashed.

I drove the 275 miles back home, and on the way I felt like the God of the road.

It's not about the comfort. Its not about the quiet "engine". No. this drive was all about the feeling of being behind the wheel of a supercar. Its loud, bumpy ( ish ), you feel every single part of the road. but you know what…you're in complete control.

One moment that sums it all up, is when I was stuck in some traffic on the M6. 2 cars drove past ( that I noticed ), and the drivers pulled down the windows, and took a snap of the car with their phones.

This car yells out ….. SUPERCAR…

I love it.

Despite, its fsh, and new clutch, I have rang route 324, to get the car booked in for another service, as I want Ferrari dealers to service it, and I want the car in pristine condition.

Lets see what they quote.

I'll keep you informed J

( btw, full tank cost £107.10 of superunleaded, and done about 325 miles ).

Ferrari 360 Modena
Insurance ( £1,470 )
Road Tax ( £112.50 for 6 months )

I'll update on costs when I spend something on it.

Club Scuderia
20-02-2008, 08:22 PM
A month has passed since I took ownership of my 360. The learning curve has been steep, but well supported along the way.

I told you guys about the initial feelings of choosing, purchasing and driving the car, along with a generic breakdown of costs of these initial ventures.

A month on, I feel almost like a veteran owner !

My next expense, was for peace of mind. I had purchased the car with a PPI done at R & D Motors, for a cost of £150, and they highlighted a minor problem with the front suspension.

Although my clutch and service had been done recently, I still wanted a new service done at approved Ferrari specialists. Call me a pessimist, but as I had purchased the car from a non-Ferrari dealer, I always had it in the back of my mind that maybe the service was done by the dealers friend, so I wanted another one done.

I read through these forums, and decided to call one of the sponsors Route 324. After initial teething problems, regarding my registration, they eventually offered me a service deal with QV, the price quoted was £432.87.

I took the car down a few days later, and met with the guys at QV who were really nice. They spotted a problem with the suspension and brake discs/pads, which they said needed to be done. I asked them price it all up for me, and they called me saying that the suspension roll ends or something needed replacing, which would not be too expensive.

I agreed to let them do it whilst the car was with them. I went back a few hours later, and the service, plus replacing the roll ends for the suspension cost me a total of £600.27. I thought this was reasonable.

I then felt I needed to replace the brake discs and pads, and phoned a few places for quotes. The cheapest quote was actually R & D motors in Manchester ( they quoted me the price when they done the PPI ), but no way was I going to go all that way to do it. Locally I had a few cheap quotes, but again, I wanted someone who knew Ferrari cars. I settled on our sponsors, Scuderia Sales.

Karl at Verdi’s offered me a cheaper option, by saying he could get ‘reconditioned, ground down brake discs, for £40 each’. But I wasn’t going for this option, as I thought if they were not 100% good for a Ferrari, why try to save some money by taking seconds ? The brakes are vital..lol..when you need them, you NEED them !

Dave at Scuderia Sales, quoted me an all inclusive figure of £800, to include fitting. I wasn’t getting the genuine Ferrari pads, but Dave assured me the performance ones were just as good, but half the price.

It took him a few weeks to get the discs in, and he called me to ask me to come down on Saturday just gone. What a drive !

I loved the little back roads in picturesque Essex. Dave is a top guy, and him and Claire were very hospitable, inviting me into their home whilst the work was carried out on my car in his driveway !

He gave me a free keyring and also a nice booklet on Ferrari stuff. We talked for ages about the cars, and he is an enthusiast in the true sense of the word. He even disconnected some lead to the exhaust system, to make it sound more like a Ferrari should !

I took the car home, and again, I could tell the difference in the brakes immediately. Although they still screech painfully, as they need bedding in, the difference in touch and control is noticeable.

I have to now get the alarm siren replaced, as the battery is out, another £240, again Dave is going to get hold of this for me.

I am tempted with the X-OST exhaust system, and the Challenge Rims…another £3000.

I can see how money seems to be slowly draining away, but this is a hobby, a passion, an obsession. I love it.

I am trying to convince the finacee that we NEED the exhaust and rims, lets see what she says. I am also thinking of trying Dave Zymols magic, the yearly contract is very tempting. I don’t want to keep taking the car to a Euro-Hand-Car-Wash….i don’t trust the products !

As for driving the car, as I’ve grown more accustomed to the vehicle, I am now able to enjoy driving it more. I feel more confident, and am able to park it in difficult spots. I have taken the car out at every excuse, even to get a take away.

I’ve been to restaurants and shopping centres. No problems. Just adoring looks of approval, and lots of the fairer sex, swooning at the car ;)

Every response so far has been positive, and I have to say, this is one of the best things I have ever purchased.

Any regrets ? yes….I should have gotten one sooner !

I’ll update you after my first Ferrari meet, which should be in a couple of months.

Running costs so far, from day of purchase
( not including petrol, which is Shell V Power superunleaded, full tank = £106 )

Ferrari 360 Modena
Insurance – Michael Ward Associates - £1,470
PPI – R & D motors - £150
Road Tax – Gordon Brown - £112.50
Service – QV via Route 324 - £600.27
Brake discs/pads – Scuderia Sales and Spares - £800
Alarm Siren – Scuderia Sales and Spares - £240

Potential next expenses that I am considering –
X-OST exhaust - £1500
Challenge Rims - £2000
Dave Zymol maintenance - £1800