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Tools needed are: 8mm,10mm,13mm,17mm sockets. Plilips screw driver. Jack

1/ Jack up the front of the car, i used 2 jacks.
2/Remove the side light pods, this is held in with a sngle cross head screw.(pic 1&2) Disconect the two light wires at the rear.

3/ Get under the front of the car and remove the 3 under trays, these are held on by bross head screws and 8mm nuts. (pic 3&4)

4/Looking up into one of the two corners from under the car disconect the round driving light conectors. Note on the N/S there is a electrical block that is held on with a screw to the inner of the bumper,(pic5)

5/ Remove one of the wheels and remove the inner section (pic6) and remove the TWO small sections of pannels shown in (pic7) You can now see the two 13mm nut that hold the corner of the bumper (pic 8 & 9) Do this both sides. NOTE: The wheel does not have to come of, by jacking up the car there is room to undo the x2 screws and the x2 8mm nuts in the wheel arch to remove the inner pannel. Choice is yours.

6/ Lower the car back to the ground.

7/ Open the boot, and you will see the two black metal strips on each side of the boot. Take them of using thex3 screws. The (pic 10) shows one of the strips removed, reveling the carpet flap that is there to acsess the two 17mm nuts and round washers that hold the center on the bumper. Undo these two babys, (pic 11 & 12) Do this on both sides of the boot of course.

8/ The front bumper is now ready to be pulled away. You can take the bumper of using the two side light holes as hand holes and just pull away. Or if ya little like Sy (Angelis):grin: you may want to have a mate hold a corner with you as you remove it

9/ The round driving lights can now be removed from the inside of the bumper using the 3 nuts.

10/ Jobs a good un:thumbsup: (pic 10)

Notes: No carpet has to be removed, the two black metal strips ar to acsess the bumper nuts. Also the whole job took me one hour and 10 mins. That was my first time so next time it should take less than n hour easly. And the pictures were taken with a phone camera, sorry;)

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11-01-2006, 05:12 PM
Tools needed: 10mm, 13mm,17mm sockets. 10mm spanner. X head screw driver. Jack.

1/ Chock the front wheels.

2/Jack up a rear corner of the car. You will see a pannel with x3 screws. These can be easly undone with the wheel on as long as the corner is jacked up (Pic 1) Once the 3 screws along the top are taken out, the pannel will be held on with a screw in the botom corner. Leave that in, but lower the pannel down so the X2 13mm nuts and rectangle washer is seen, (pic 2)
And remove the nuts and said washer (pic 3) Lower the car and repeat on the other side.

3/Next look under the cars rear and remove the X2 10mm bolts that hold the rear defuser on to the bumper (pic 4) Do this on both sides.

4/ Remove the X2 engine bay side pannels undoing the X3 10mm bolts on each pannel along with the washers.

5/ Remove the two air boxes. These are held in place with X4 10mm nuts and washers on each box. Then just unclip the air box away from the air flow meter, there are two clips, one on top and one on the bottom. (pic 5)

6/Remove the exhaust sheild from the top of the exhaust. This is held in with X5 10mm nuts and washers, two at the front and three at the rear (grill).

7/ Looking at the O/S corner of the engine bay, dis-connect the number plate light connection (pic 6)

8/ Using a 17mm socket undo the two on each side nuts and washers that can easly be got at (pic 7 & 8 along with 17mm socket already on to show) Take the bottom of the two away but leave on the top two until the very last. Once you ae ready to take the bumper away fom the car, undo the last few threads of the top nuts and holding the bumper from the bottom pull away using a friend......if ya got any:grin:

9/ Jobs a good un:thumbsup: (pic 9)

Note: the rear bumper is an all together easier task to do, more so than the front bumper. The whole job only takes me 30mins. The rear bumper is also a lot lighter in weight that the front unit.

TIP: When putting the bumper back on and tightening up the nuts. Put all the centure 17mm nuts back on yes but dont tighten them up until the side 13mm nuts are tightend up. Not forgetting to push the corner of the bumper up at the same time as tightening the 13mm's. Then after the 13s have been done, tighten the 17mm up doing the top nuts on each side first, again pushing the bumper up in the middle.
The reason for the above is to ensure a nice tight line between the bumper and the body, which is the easiest way:thumbsup:

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Nice write-up - sure you don't want a job :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Thought this picture would help showing the fixings etc. :thumbsup:

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Great job, Chaz :thumbsup: