View Full Version : 355 airbag/wheel removal & change.

24-03-2006, 03:22 PM
Tools needed: Philips screwdriver, Security Torx wrench #T-25, Allen key set, and wire & connectors.

1/ Turn of the battery switch in the front of the boot on the O/S.

2/ Remove the X2 Torx bolts from the rear of the wheel, to free the air bag. The Torx tool and bolt is shown in pics 1 & 2.

3/ Pull out the centure orange conector fron the centure/rear of air bag. Remove ugly air bag (pic 3 & 4) And holding air bag firmly, drop kick that ugly Mo Fo into the next field:grin:

4/ Remove the steering wheel is self, undoing the X4 5mm allen bolts that hold it on. Also pull apart the white horn conector and horn earth conector from hub.

5/You will see in picture 5 the location of the ABS light. Undo the X2 screws that hold the top dash pod to the main dash board. Picture 6 shows my screw driver undoing the left hand side lower screw, the other screw is on the other side of the wheel.

6/ Looking at the rear of the removed pod, remove the bulb ( twist and pull) Pic 7.

7/ Fit the new boss using X5 longer allen bolts. Pic 8 & 9.

8/ Bolt on new Momo wheel:grin: :grin: using 6 little allen bolts. Pic 10

9/ Wire up the horn, and .......................Jobs a good un dudes:dude:

Note. The whole job from start to end took me only 15mins. Removing the air bag and bulb does NOT affect the running of the car what so ever and does NOT cause problems with any of the ECUs:thumbsup: