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21-10-2006, 06:22 PM
Mondial Handbrake.

Drive car onto plank of wood,jack it up,place axle stands and whip the rear wheels off.

The rear hand brake cable is about 12 foot long and meanders its way around the rear of the car.This was the one that had snapped on mine.Dave at Scuderia Sales could get one,but he said they were cheaper at Eurospares,cheers Dave and the guys at Eurospares.

The yoke is situated next to the chassis member near the alternater,take off the splash guard to improve access,undo the callipers and tie wrap them to the road springs out of the way.The calipers are shimmed,take a count of how many on each bolt.

Undo the two retaining bolts and take off the rear discs.Take some photos of the set up inside as a reference for refitting.Undo the shoe retaining clips and place them in a magnetic tray.DO NOT LOSE THEM THEY ARE £16 EACH…..yes,that much.My car had one missing on the passenger side,thanks to SteveW for another TR7 bit on my car,they are not exactly alike but they do exactly the same job.Remove the adjuster,shoes and the handbrake activator.The shoes are £31 each if you need them,luckily I did not.

Time to get dirty. Lie under the car and remove the ally tray from underneath,four 10 mm bolts,you can now see the handbrake cable clips that secure it to the chassis,there are four of them,one sheared off when I undid them,they only hold the cable out of the way ,as such you can jubilee clip the cable back or drill and tap a new mounting,up to yourself really.

Pull the cable from the hubs and slide it through the guide hoop on the stub.Pull the cable from where it goes through the chassis near the yoke,be very careful here,they are quite tight and come free all of a sudden,which can cause your knuckles to grate across the finned sump causing much blood and discomfort…Yes,that is how I know…

Strip the yoke down and remove the years of crap,clean it up and lube it.Fit the new cable around the yoke and slide it through the holes in the chassis.Leave the yoke at minimum adjustment,reason will follow.The shorter part of the cable goes to the passenger wheel,the long one to the drivers side.Refit it to the chassis mounts and route it back to the hubs.Push the cable through the hole and attach to the handbrake activator,put a small bit of tape around where the cable attaches as it’s a bugger to keep on,do the same on both sides and gently pull the cable at the yoke until the cable stops,if it keeps coming the connection at the ends have fallen off

Reassemble the shoes,springs adjuster and hubs/disc.Adjust the shoes through the inspection hole in the hub until the disc is just catching,then back it off one click.Pull the yoke back as far as it will go without activating the handbrake.Time to test it,say a quick prayer,grab your nuts and do it,yes we have a handbrake back.Refit the return spring,calipers,splash guards ,ally guard under the engine,wheels and off you go,job done.

No it ain`t,jack up the car again move the axle stands and drop it onto the floor again,tidy all your tools away,have a general clear up and torque the wheel nuts up.Take it for a spin,torque the nuts again and now the job is done.Remember that a new cable will stretch and will need adjusting again in the near future.

Tips,give your discs a clean up whilst they are off,scour the inside where the shoes work,copperslip every nut and bolt,it will be so much easier next time you have to take anything apart.

It may sound easy,and if everything went correctly it would be.But old cars are not like that.

21-10-2006, 06:24 PM
couple more.

Job done at the end....:thumbsup: