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Thread: Gallardo Superleggera V 360CS

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    Default Gallardo Superleggera V 360CS

    Very interesting article in this months Car magazine on the Gallardo Superleggera - why? because it compares the car against the 360CS

    in Summary, the CS gets all the respect it deserves

    '.........what it isn't is a Gallardo Challenge Stradale even if Lamborghini used Ferrari as the benchmark..........The F430 version isn't released for a further 12 months. But you'd struggle to find anyone to utter the word obsolete when discussing the original.

    The Ferrari was a thinly veiled circuit machine, all vestigal exhausts and bare floors. AND PROBABLY THE MOST SOUL-STIRRING PERFORMANCE CAR OF ITS GENERATION. Divine on the track but less pleasing on the road, its sole purpose was to entertain. It sounded like the devil on Viagra in the throws of a marathon romp and weighed just 1280kg............................................ ..........there's every chance that the Gallardo Superleggera will more than earn that premium and a place alongside the Ferrari Challenge Stradale in OUR FANTASY GARAGE'

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