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Thread: Supersprint claim dynod 24.4bhp gain on 360!!

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    Default Supersprint claim dynod 24.4bhp gain on 360!!

    Supersprint the Italian performance exhaust specialist are finalizing a new exhaust system (full exhaust including optimized headers, high flow cats and back box system) which it has dyno'd with some remarkable results.

    Their sales blurb is ;
    'Every Supersprint system has been researched, designed and tested to insure additional power and to enhance overall performance. All design is validated by extensive testing which includes hours of dyno testing on Supersprint's Maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer. In fact no other exhaust manufacturer, race team engine testing department or car manufacturer has the performance evaluating experience of Supersprint'.

    I'm sure Tubi & Capristo would disagree with the above on the experience bit

    Ferrari 360 - Claimed Performance data (Manufacturer Claimed):
    Horsepower : 400 BHP at 8500 rev/min
    Torque : 373 Nm at 4750 rev/min
    There where some surprises, Ferrari had always insisted that the 360 makes 400 bhp but the dyno painted a different story with real numbers showing a significant power loss.

    Ferrari 360 - Actual Performance data (Factory System):
    Horsepower : 384.9 BHP at 8650 rev/min
    Torque : 376.5 Nm at 5960 rev/min.

    The 360 Modena they tested was 15 BHP down on power compared to the official claims. Ferrari always officially said that a 2% variance in actual power output between engines was possible and this could account for ~8 BHP of losses between one car and another (engine tolerances, balancing, wear, etc.). The power difference was only 0.5% on the 360CS with its essentially blue printed engine.

    So, where Ferrari telling porkies or was this test car not up to scratch? Whatever is the case, Supersprints dyno'd gains (with the same car) gave;

    Ferrari 360 - Actual Performance data (With Supersprint System):
    Horsepower : 409.3 BHP at 8660 rev/min
    Torque : 386 Nm at 5770 rev/min.

    This is interesting stuff. I wonder just how much of the power gain on the 360CS is down to blue printing and how much is down to improved breathing?

    Q. Where do you guys think the 24.4 BHP power gains are coming from, Backbox? Manifolds or CAT's?

    If its true that a free breathing backbox gives approx 9bhp, is it safe to assume the CATS and manifolds are equall or is it the freer flowing cats providing the big hike in power over stock?
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