Running reports

Greetings to posters and readers of the running reports section. We sincerely hope we can both entertain you, and give you a valuable insight into our collected ownership experiences.

Notes on submissions

The running reports should be submitted on a monthly basis, and if you can include mileage, encountered problems, and your running costs for the month (excluding petrol, tax and insurance), then it could help prospective owners of similar (or same) vehicles gauge the “real world” running costs of a Ferrari. It would also be good if you could post your insurance costs on the month that they are due.

As for the content of the report, please describe your experiences (both good and bad) of ownership and use, and if you can pep it up with some supporting pictures, then that’s be great too. If you read the existing running reports for an idea of what we are looking for.

Please send all submissions to me at and I’ll attempt to get them posted ASAP.


Stig (Running Reports Editor)