IMPORTANT: For Sale Posting guidelines
1. Please note that non-subscribed users will no longer be able to place adverts within the For Sale section. Subscription costs only 10 a year and can be activated by following this link

2. No commercial posts are allowed and will be removed. For the avoidance of doubt, repeated advertisements for the same/similar product(s) by a member will be regarded as commercial. If in doubt, please ask the Committee.

3. Please provide as many details about the product as possible.

4. Do not post ebay listings unless you are selling that particular item.

5. Please only post items that you are selling either on your own behalf or that of an immediate family member. Again, if in doubt please ask the Committee.

6. In order to keep the For Sale section relevant, any thread that hasn't had a post in the last 6 months will be removed. If your item is still for sale, and it falls into this category, then please just make a post in the thread to confirm it is still on the market

Thanks for your co-operation.