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Thread: F430 Motronic ECU Pinout

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    Default F430 Motronic ECU Pinout

    As an owner of a F430 03/2005 M/T, I'd like to know more about the F430 Motronic Ecu's and the specific Ferrari communication protocols used. Some sources say it's a ME7.1.1, others say it's ME7.3.2. Which one is right?

    Does anybody has the ECU pinout details and cabling diagrams of the F430? Any technical information about the Motronic ECU's would be much appreciated.

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    The same for the 2.7 Motronics on the 355 would be useful as well. I have the one from the official workshop manual but it is lacking on details on what exactly each pin does.

    And sorry for hijacking the thread! Hopefully someone can help us both

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