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Thread: Difficulty selecting gear after starting

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    Default Difficulty selecting gear after starting

    Hey guys,

    Over the last few days to week; I've noticed that it is very hard for the car to engage a gear after I first start the car (either 1st or reverse.) It takes a few attempts and messing with the reverse stick and paddles for it to finally select. Otherwise, it seems ok when I'm driving about.

    I had a problem a month or two ago when I couldn't get it into first gear (without putting it into reverse gear first) on a few occasions.

    Any ideas what it is? Otherwise the car is driving brilliantly. Really hoping it's not clutch replacement time already!


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    Dave McGuire


    Zuby I don't think it's the clutch as this would be noticeable on pull away also likely that the clutch overheat sensor would be beeping.

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