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Thread: 360 spider boot-lid brake light...

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    Default 360 spider boot-lid brake light...

    I've just noticed that the boot-lid brake light on my 360 Spider is cracked on the right-hand side (basically about 1cm at the end of the light strip missing). I'm not entirely sure how this happened and you have to look pretty closely to see it, but I have found a replacement brake light for about 47 so am pondering fitting it myself... I'm not very mechanically minded though, so does anyone know how easy it is to do, and have any pointers on where I might find step-by-step instructions?... Thanks!

    I'll be getting the car serviced (annual) in the next couple of months anyway, so no drama if I have to get them to do it, but I figured I could save on some labour if it's pretty straight-forward...

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    Its quite easy to get out, but a bit fiddly.

    Its held in place by 2 nuts and the power supply is just plugged in.

    The hard bit is not losing all the small plastic spacers that are used to pack the light out to line up with the outer edge of the boot lid.

    Mine was damaged by the heat from the exhaust, also the new light unit did not come with the heat shielding that was stuck onto the old one.

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