hello, thought I would introduce myself. I have recently bought a gorgeous f430 coupe and am absolutely loving it! (for the one day that we had decent weather a week or so ago!)
anyhow, as a new owner , and new to the marque I have a couple of questions, please bear with me as some may seem a bit erm... stupid!

1) the battery charger - I have the new style ctek fitted to mine but it comes under the passenger dash, which is a pain as I don't have much room in my garage to open the door, run the cable through etc.... now I have seen this from ctek http://www.tayna.co.uk/CTEK-Mobility...XLR-P8857.html which looks like it would hook up to the "orginal" old style charger connection under the bonnet. has anyone tried this?

2) when I put a multi meter across the 3 pin socket in the bonnet, (across 2) I would have thought I would have got 12v as it would be attached to the battery, but nope I had nothing . disconnected maybe as I have the new connector anyhow?

3) has anyone ever ran a new style connector to the bonnet? if so any tips?

4) washing the car - what stops the water going into the engine bay via the rear pane;? im just guessing you have to me extra careful here?

5) The F1 gear box and hill starts - I know these are really bad for the car, but its going to happen on day. what's the best practice here? handbrake on and build up the revs the handbrake off? or is there some other method ?

6) the book says you need shell ultra SAE oil, but I cant seem to find it online? I guess this has been replaced by a new version?

thanks in advance everyone! and if you have any other tips please let me know! (sorry for all the questions!)