Does anyone have any images of a 360 spider with where the original paint edges should finish?

I've been to see another car today and pretty sure most if not every panel has had paint. Not excessive overspray like ive seen on others although there was evidence in places. I just want to see where the paint edge should actually finish as every time I view a car it differs. Even from one side of the car to the other on the one today.

For example (the car was red) on the bonnet and boot panels. How far should the red paint wrap underneath the panel before it meets the black on the underside? The previous car was almost on the edge but the car today wraped underneath about 5mm and you could feel the edge where it meets the black.

The doors. The red paint on the outer door edge runs underneath the door and meets the black. There is a groove. Should it meet here as always different!

I could go on.

Any help apreciated