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Thread: Ferrari 360 F1 - First year ownership costs

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterDavid911 View Post
    Thanks Mike that's great.
    I've spoken with Tim a few times in the past and a friend of mine just bought a black spider from him.

    Will keep you posted.

    You call Sy a friend?

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    Haha, well to his face I have to, lol.😁
    He's very happy with his 360 and looks great too!

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    Default Another year goes by.......

    5 years in now.....

    117.67 Engine mounts and some spare wheel centres
    26.86 Front boot membrane
    1777 AE Performance - Full mileage based major service, install engine mounts, couple of other bits and bobs.
    35 MOT. No advisories
    120.79 New AGM battery

    96.99 eBay purchase - spare OEM exhaust (silencer damaged being delivered but outlet pipes and valves like new)
    23.19 Spare actuator position switches
    15 Service continuation book
    125.25 Android tablet, Bluetooth adaptor, diagnostic software

    Grand Total 2337.96 exc RFL, insurance and fuel.

    Mileage between MOT's 3530. Currently has ~40800 miles and 13k is my ownership.
    Clutch wear -3%! (down not up)

    Car needs a new set of tyres before we go to Europe in July. I would really like a racing exhaust if anyone knows of one for sale. I've tried a few leads but they went nowhere.

    Costs overall pretty consistent with previous years......

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    Quote Originally Posted by candellara View Post
    Differs from owner to owner and car to car IMO

    A good friend of mine purchased a very nice red 360F1 a few years back

    Cost 60,000
    Private Plate 1500
    Detailing by pro-detailer 500
    F1 Pump went bang and the car was deemed as needing a new clutch & flywheel 7000

    This all excludes insurance, fuel etc

    The car did 1000 miles across 1 year as his wife got the hump when he used it.

    Car went on the private market at 45k - no enquiries

    Reduced to 40k after several months of no enquiries

    Offer received of 38k (with plate). Best & only offer accepted

    Running costs (inc depreciation) 31,000 equating to 31 per mile

    Needless to say that he never returned to Ferrari ownership
    Yikes. A few years ago now but even so.
    My ex-missus was pretty much the same in that respect when I had my Mondial.

    That clutch at 7k, that's eye watering. I'd probably sell it afterwards if it was me as I'd be totally pissed off too!

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    Year 6 complete in a few days...…Wow!

    Total maintenance spend 3551.09

    Main items
    Annual 2 plus a few bits and bobs was 666. Maybe a waste as I dropped the engine and trans oil out 400 miles later
    Titanium wheel bolts 256
    900 on a clutch that is in my spares cabinet as it wasn't needed but Ferrari have hiked the price of a lot of parts at the end of 2017 so worth stocking.
    212 for HE gearbox bush extraction and clutch alignment tools.
    114 of trans oil
    40.55 on engine oil
    29 on 2 litres of Tutella CS speed F1 oil.
    110 on 2 rear outer light units
    300 on tyres.
    130 on refurbishing a used silencer.
    35 MOT
    The rest was on a release bearing and various fixings, materials and parts for the release bearing change.

    Mileage has been over 5000 in the last 12 months. I bought it with 28k now approaching 46k. It runs better than ever and I've had no real issues with it, not even a CEL.
    Clutch wear is no different than last year circa 30%

    Fuel costs were 1113.90 not included in the above.

    I've just reinsured it today with three others cars through Chubb Masterpiece (AIB) so at least one of my kids can drive it. Expensive but well worth it.

    Overall, if you look at the absolute necessity it could have been about a 1000. A lot of the spend has been improving the car.
    I'm actually considering doing an annual myself this year and leave it to the major next year for belts and a full indy service.

    Winter work will be a front suspension refresh (unless I can find a silver 458 ;))
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    you have got off lightly! my last year bill before selling was 8000 albeit 1500 was to correct some paint corrosion on the rear 3/4 panel, cambelt change, ball joints etc. etc.
    the year before I broke the syncromesh on 3rd gear - apparently a weak point on the manual... that was near enough 3k as it was 18 hrs labour!
    I did enjoy mine but I certainly had some big costs in the 4 yrs I had mine.

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