Carried out a little DIY today. Ok not in the F40 LM league but a little tinkering that has made my car a tiny bit nicer.

The number plates were a little tatty and were letting the car down a little so I took short trip to Egam and they made made me up a new set with Maranello at the bottom.

Getting the sticky off the bodywork was, in the end, a 2.5 hour job - grrrrr.

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A lot of patience, panel wipe and a steady hand and it all came off.

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I know I could have just stuck the new plate on and left the old stickies but I'm a bit OCD like that. I'm a lot happier knowing that the paint is clean underneath.

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After a coat of wax and with the new plate on...

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Now wish I could find those rubber gaskets that go between rear lights and bodywork. They are a bit shabby and the one thing still letting the rear of the car down. Any ideas welcome. Drawn a blank at Maranello classic parts and Eurospares.

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