Variator Solenoids - Complete
A photo to show how I routed the longer cables on the Maserati solenoids. I did pack the solenoid plugs with dielectric grease in an effort to help prevent oil migrating further up the loom.
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The back of the cam cover heat shields were looking a bit worn so I've made good with aluminium tape.
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I didn't expect any issues but I've tested the car over a couple of days and all is well - the code has not come back. Note: there is not a need to perform further tests because the ECUs have a target cam angle and check actual vs target and will throw an error if there is a discrepancy.

Advice I can pass on to others doing this is to make sure there aren't any kinks in the cable between the solenoid and the oil seal on the cam cover, and generally ensure that all connections and cables are properly supported.

Seat Belt Warning Disabled
The seat belt warning is annoying: it beeps as soon as the key is turned to position 2. On the 360 and F430 it's prudent to wait for the self check to complete before starting the engine, so the first thing I do is turn the key, then I put on my seat belt whilst the check completes. The buckle sensor completes a circuit when closed so disabling is simply a case of disconnecting the plug under the seat, or remove one of the pins and tape it up in the loom itself - I've taken the latter approach so I can keep the plug connected. It is of course easily reversible if required.
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