Well a very interesting start to my
599 ownership. I collected the car after it had been serviced at 17,100 miles. The drive home was a fairly long one so I was looking forward to bonding with the car. I set off with half a tank of fuel and shortly after filling it I got my first error message.
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This came on and went off periodically so some hasty iPad research pointed towards a fuel cap that had not been tightened enough and I re-fitted it but the error message kept on popping up and then seemingly clearing itself.
The first car park manoeuvre revealed that a parking sensor issue that I raised prior to purchase had not been successfully fixed. Could this be impacting other systems?
Later in slow traffic I got the following message.
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Then this
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Followed by
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And finally
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Thankfully the supplying dealer is okay with me taking the car to my local franchise to get it on an SD3 so we can find out what all the issues are.
Of course if anyone has had any of the same issues your experiences will be greatly appreciated.