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Thread: Postpone an appointment because weather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigburton View Post
    Yes got the exhausts fitted but not had the time to collect the car :-/ picking it up on Thursday 😄😄🏎🏎🏎🏎
    Well done sir!

    Now you've done it once, hopefully it'll not bother you again. I've been on three weekend trips recently and on each one the cars been filthy (relatively speaking) when I've returned. It takes about 3 hours to get it back to where I like to keep it and I'd have missed a lot of fun by not using it. Last year I never had to wash it once and was close to selling it. This year's been a blast so far
    Agree on the salt comments but in Summer it dries out in minutes. Just make sure the brakes are dry when it goes away.

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    I actually did this this the other week, the weather was horrendous so postponed my drive up to The Ferrari
    Centre in Kent for a day, my car is an F355 Spider and the seals leak in heavy rain as I found out recently
    In general I avoid rain if I can!

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