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Thread: Average failure rates and fix costs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Modificato View Post
    my thoughts too but would be nice to know actual results.

    A full suspension refurb which I need for the 599 before the Mille Miglia is around 3000 in parts alone so I would like to know what the life expectancy of the up-graded parts is.

    At 23k miles my 599 needs a full suspension overhaul, CCM's are 90% worn etc. So all of this is useful for those intending to drive these cars.

    Could do with a bidding war for the work next...
    I've had HE BJ's fitted on the front (upper & lower) for 18k miles and there is no play in any of them which is a bit surprising given all the speed bumps near me () and the **** state of the local roads....

    The rears are original and have no play in them either so 40k miles but the upright doesn't have to rotate....

    I had an interesting conversation with my tech on belt tensioner bearings at my last was anti the accumulated wisdom......

    We really could do with a way to index a proper technical section. It would be a major benefit to the site.
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