Hi Guys

I'm new to the forum so please be gentle

I'm seriously looking to scratch my Ferrari itch and take the plunge with a 2008/2009 California. All the information I can find on the web quotes the width of 1910mm excluding mirrors, but I would like to know the width including mirrors to check that I can actually get one through my garage door opening?

I currently run a 2009 911 which although not cheap to run, is i imagine somewhat less expensive than the California.

If someone could give me a rough idea on routine servicing costs I would appreciate it. It will only be my weekend toy so only 2-3K per year I expect (one service per year)

I have what I believe to be a well respected Indy close to me in Bob Houghton in the Cotswold's so will probably go there. I am assuming that the running costs will not be to prohibitive with the more conventional engine and drive layout (no engine out to change belts as with the mid engine varieties I assume)

All help and advice gratefully received.