Hi there

I need your help and wisdom.

Been considering a 612 (need a car for 2 little people as well).Now while the 612 doesn't excite me like any of the other cars it seems to tick one of my major bucket list items i.e. to own a Ferrari.

Ideally I would have wanted a manual but it seems these have a considerable premium over the F1 and after nearly doubling my budget couldn't justify it for a car I would use probably only 1,000 miles a year (if that).

I have tried my best to research using search facilities both in this forum, other forums and google but not with a great deal of success. While buyer's guide for 612 is a little more sparse then other models the consensus is to buy the best you afford as otherwise it will be more expensive in the long run. Anyway what I am looking for is a some help, advice, suggestions, ideas of how to go about the whole buying process. Specific questions I have are,

1. Irrespective of where I buy it from i.e. Private, Independent Specialist or Ferrari main dealer, I should get Pre Purchase Inspection. Who would you recommend? Also how would it work if the car is with a dealer e.g. in case they are not happy to have the car taken somewhere. Do some PPI folk travel? Or are there some dealers you would 'trust'.

2. I have noticed that some 612 have after market modification i.e satnav, bluetooth etc. Does this make them less desirable? Personally, I would have preferred to have everything as stock but compromises will have to be made due to budget and just how old the car is

3. Mileage - is the 612 prices a sensitive as other models?

4. What are considered desirable features and set up. Appreciate purely subjective but again interest to hear people's thought. I seem to prefer the darker colours due to it size.

5. While I would probably get PPI done, what are obvious checks someone can do themselves? To be clear I am not at all mechanical minded but have fairly good observational skills.

6. I will be complying the with all the required servicing i.e. annual, major etc. Who would you recommend? I am based in London so the guess that and the surrounding areas would be the obvious catchment area.

I will no doubt add further questions to this list but in the meantime, I would like to thank you for help and look forward to sharing my experience.