The Wales Weekend was about 500 miles door to door so I scanned the gearbox TCU tonight just out of interest.
Heres a few screen grabs with my interpretation based on internet myth and trying to work it through as opposed to training. No doubt someone on FChat would put me in my place for trying ... It's why I like it on here.

The clutch wear by my calc is just under 30% which is where it's been sat for the last few years, so say 10k miles.
It could be wrong, but as the software has no wear reading I subtract the new from the current clutch position and divide by 8.6 which is the REF. CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE STROKE value on an SD2 printout I have from when it was last changed.
There has been some comments that the values returned by the Launch software aren't correct. This maybe so but the new clutch position reading at least tallies, as does the PIS.
The clutch wear index is below the 4000 reference value which is on the biting side of normal but I believe is well within range.
When I drove the car last weekend the bite off the line improved the more I used it. Definitely works better when hot.

Some more good data....

I don't think I've had a missed selection or jump into N ever.

The car spends more time in gears 3 and 4 and that's a lot of changes since the CS TCU went in.

I also scanned the Motronics and both were clear of codes.
The long-term trim values generally sit close to 0 and that's where they were when I parked up on Sunday.

Any questions ...ask a pro

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