Ultimate Blade is an amazingly clean and quick, simple way to remove excess paint from stone chip repairs, overspray, runs and dust nips on paint car body panels.

Also suitable for ANY painted surface such as motorhomes, caravans, furniture, wood, steelwork, ironmongery and domestic decorating.

The 8 sided solid, pure ceramic block is easily glided squarely and safely over the affected area,shaving any protruding paint immediately without marring the surrounding area. It simply means that you donīt have to wet sand and polish up a large area, saving you time and expense. A quick one-step polish around the area will have it looking pristine in a few minutes.

Its 10 times harder than steel blades, ergonomically shaped and supplied in a protective box and pouch. It wonīt cut you either.

For professional or enthusiasts use, an incredibly useful tool. I shall be using it on over enthusiastically filled in stone chips and chips I'm gradually Name:  Ultimate-Blade-quick-pictures_5_1.jpg
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Size:  27.3 KBName:  Ultimate-Blade-use-pictures_5_1.jpg
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Size:  61.2 KBfilling with paint on a dressing table.