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Thread: TdF blue swirl removal

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    Default TdF blue swirl removal

    I had a bit of a go at the paint over a few nights.
    Started with a few before pictures and then went through a process using a few grades by hand. I got a Swissvax pack at Xmas so tried it out properly.
    Chemical Guys SSR1
    Swissvax Paint Cleaner medium
    Swissvax Paint Cleaner regular
    Swissvax Onyx Wax

    For the bonnet I stuck to a more tried and tested combination of the SSR1 and a Poorboys glaze finished with a harder wax.

    I'd say maybe 80% of swirls were removed with anything further either masked by the glaze or still slightly visible. But certainly improving.

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    Looks like a very good result - well done

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