Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy my first Ferrari next Spring for my 32nd birthday!

I've never gone close to this level of motor before, my finest so far being a Mercedes C63 AMG so this is all a bit new so any advice appreciated.

My wife will be driving a Merc GLE and it'll also be the 'main' family car and I'll have the Ferrari for alone times or weekends with just the baby (my daughter is only with us every other weekend)

I need a 2+2 (however impractical the back seats are they should fit a boy of 18 months at the time of purchase in). So I've looked at another Merc C63, Porsche 911, and now finally arrived at a Ferrari California.

I've got a budget of approx 80k (could push a bit higher for the right car) so I'm looking at a circa 10/11 Cali. Anything negative to look out for on these cars? Or any reasoning to up budget for a newer version?

I've been doing some online research and can't see much reasoning to go newer than the 2010 which appear to be 20-30k less than the 2013+?

I'll be looking for a white body with red trim and grey/black 20" wheels.