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Thread: Will Ferrari be chasing 300mph?

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    Default Will Ferrari be chasing 300mph?

    Bugatti have been long known now as standard setters, but with cars increasingly about figures - power, 0-60, 0-100 etc, do we think Ferrari will be aiming for a 300mph car anytime soon?

    Even if not over 300mph, with the Valkyrie being 250+mph, does Ferrari need to at least match or beat the Valkyrie?

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    I had a chat with a member of the VW board a few years ago before dieselgate and he was telling me that Bugatti is a pure flagship vanity exercise for VW Group. They were pumping huge amounts into the brand and barely making any profit (not sure if this is any different now but I doubt it).

    Ironic this 300mph run happened the same week the most stalwart champion of the new Bugatti brand passed away, a very fitting tribute.

    As far as Ferrari, with the brand as strong as it is (and arguably far stronger than all their rivals put together), do they really need marketing like this or would they be better served by getting back on top in F1?

    The Ferrari F1 domination from 2000-2007 was undoubtedly a massive marketing coup far more than any one off achievement.

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