Quick update for anybody who doesn't follow PH - and who might be considering defecting to the dark side.

Actually, "dark side" is relevant since one of my current complaints is that the headlights (on main beam) are crap. There is no range at all, and although road signs and cats eyes are illuminated fairly far away, the road is dark from about 20ft in front of the car. Even at road legal speeds (which obviously is all the time......) I don't feel like I can see where I'm going in the dark - I've never owned a car where that was the case before.

My roof leaks in the rain - which given the recent weather, means it leaks often. Not badly - a few drips on the passenger seat, although I'm pretty sure my back was damp on the way into work this morning so maybe the driver side leaks too.

Had a few niggles - most only ever seem to happen once. IRIS (the infotainment system) had no sound one day - a quick reboot fixed it, and I don't really count this anyway since I knew the IRIS system was crap before I even bought the car.
Last week, the driver side mirror failed to fold out fully twice - once on Wednesday, once on Friday. That was a bit annoying.
Had a high pitched whine from the car when I opened the door a couple of weeks ago (after putting some stuff in the boot) - and when I got in, the electrics were dead. Pressed the start button and the alarm went off! Interestingly - when I parked at work today I opened the boot, then remembered that my stuff was in the car with me. Forgot to close the boot - when I locked the car, I got the same whine - presumably telling me the boot was open. However, that doesn't explain what happened a few weeks ago, because it shouldn't be doing that when I'm opening the car and getting into it, and the electrics shouldn't be dead when I do!

Basically - it seems to have a lot of niggling faults - usually I manage about 3 days of trouble free use (apart from the leaking roof) - and then something odd will happen. Having said that, if you read some of the stories on the owners club - even from people who are quite positive about their cars on the public forum - it seems I got one of the good ones. While there are people who have completely trouble free cars - there are also people who have a lot more (and a lot more serious) issues than me....

Car goes back to McLaren after work today. At the very least, it needs to come back with a roof that doesn't leak, lights which show me where I'm going, and a mirror that always folds out.

Overall, I still like the car - but I am beginning to get fed up of the repeated niggles. It's not like it was a cheap car, and it's not like it's cheap to run - the warranty cost is hardly peanuts. It has the winter to start behaving itself, or it will be for sale in the spring - no doubt at considerably less than I paid for it!