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    Default Another 650S Spider daily driver

    Thought I'd give an update on my experiences after a couple of weeks of ownership - will update in future too.

    First some pictures :

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    I mentioned on the other thread that the finish on the wheels isn't great - McLaren Ascot will refurb them fully when I'm happy for the car to be off the road for a week - maybe next month.
    Reversing sensors seem to be working reliably now - maybe I just didn't hear them the first day. They really are pretty quiet - much quieter than the front ones which is a tad illogical.

    I've had one error - didn't have my glasses on, but think it was PCC so related to the suspension. Switched the car off / on and it's been fine since - may just be an over sensitive sensor, or may be a genuine fault - but given that the car is warrantied, and the McLaren warranty is very comprehensive - I'm not losing any sleep over it.

    About a week into ownership, I decided to drive my favourite 100 mile route. In fact, I only managed half of it because they'd closed the road and the diversion signs took me back to the start of the diversion...... but even so, it was enough to have a good blast down a few twisty roads. The acceleration is in a different league to the 360 - as you'd expect - and the brakes are superb. I still don't think I've braked as hard as possible from high speed, but am interested in seeing just how well it stops when I do. Watching the air brake in the mirror is quite addictive.

    When I test drove it, I only got the briefest flicker of a traction light even under hard acceleration from low speed - but most of the test drive was with the engine and handling in normal mode. In Sport, even on warm dry roads, it has a habit of spinning rear wheels. Usually, this is just irritating more than anything else, but when it did it on a very slight left hand bend uphill it was properly scary. I no longer accelerate flat out on that bit of road......
    Handling is very very good though.

    I have only used (engine) Track setting once, on a road I know very well - and I'm not sure I would again any time soon. I thought it only really affects the gear change speed and the noise - but the car felt like it was getting to the bends much sooner, so it did feel noticeably faster - which it really didn't need to be!

    The stereo is a bit hit and miss - DAB reception appears to be pretty poor around Camberley, but it's fine when I'm a few miles outside of town. Not the greatest stereo anyway - seems I don't have the premium option, and although it's pretty good - it's not even close to the Aston. Although that is actually the only thing the Aston did better.

    Doors are obviously dead cool - although the novelty of getting in and out has worn off quicker than I expected!

    It is very very easy to use as a daily car, even in the rain on wet roads. Stick everything in Normal (called comfort in the newer models), leave the gear change in auto and you could be driving any family car. If you're not in the mood for driving, it's very relaxing - enough so that I'm wondering how much use the Cayenne will really get over the winter. If it's icy / snowy or the roads are covered in salt I'll probably use the Porsche but the rest of the time I'm not so sure now.

    I don't really know what the fuel consumption is like yet. The "how fast does it go" first few weeks obviously mean plenty of visits to petrol stations. I've been told it does 30mpg on long journeys and certainly seemed to be quite frugal on my run to Blenheim at the weekend. After 2 weeks off, I'm back to work this week - and need petrol today unless I want to push it home - so it will be interesting to see what the tank range / mpg is during my normal use. I know we're not supposed to care - but I do!

    So far, I'm still happy I own the 360. I suspect that the McLaren will actually give me the same buzz down a twisty road once I'm a bit more used to it - but even if it does, I like that I've got the 360 too. I guess the mileage on the 360 will drop a fair bit now, but that just means it will be work a zillion pounds in 10 years time.

    Overall, very glad I bought it. Although I don't particularly like the fact that it gets dirty being kept outside / used as a daily - the colour doesn't show the dirt very much at all - and it also means I no longer have the "fancy driving the Ferrari, but it's going to rain" problem - regardless of the weather (within reason), I get to drive the 650. It is obviously quite ridiculous overkill as a daily runaround - but actually (if you ignore the limited luggage space) then it's very suited to it. At least until it needs £££££s spent on new tyres, brake pads and carbon ceramic discs......

    ETA : There is one negative actually. If I stop at red traffic lights I tend to stick it in neutral - problem is, for some reason changing into first is slow - takes about 1 second I think!
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