Hi, I went to the Brighton Speed Trials las weekent 7 Sept and I got the bug so want to run my 458 there next year ?? has anyone run theirs there ??, I think someone said you need a Competition Licence so how does one go about getting one of these ??, it would be a great time to try out the Launch Control ??, so as I have never tried the Launch on mine any help or advice would be appreciated, from what I understand before you do a Launch you have to do a practice one first so the Computer knows how much grip you have and then you do your run, and if you switch off your engine the for next run you have to repeat the practice Launch, also how do you manage to stay out of the rev limiter in first gear as it accelerates so quick in first gear and if you hit the rev limiter you will lose a lot of time ?? again any advice appreciated, also should I get some rear slicks ?? which would help with traction off the line, and I assume it would be the Race setting on the Little Switch on the steering wheel, also it would be nice if some others were to join me, it is a great day out, Regards DM