As some of you might remember, I toyed with the idea of owning a Ferrari about 3 years ago, having owned several sportscars prior to that, including Porsche 911s, Maserati granturismo etc...

After doing much research, I embarked on a search process that would lead me 6months later into buying a lovely F430. My worries at the time were about cost of ownership - not so much about affordability - but because considering myself a frugal person, I was really scared (as most misinformed people) by the horror stories circulating on the net.

Fast forward almost 3 years of absolutely delightful ownership, many european and English miles on the clock, and very reasonable running costs - I decided to add a second Ferrari to the garage. Just writing this down, makes me smile, as I would have thought I was crazy for saying this 3 years ago!!

Anyway - after wondering what could possibly sit next to my V8, I initially narrowed it down to 3 V12ís. A 599 (for its stupid performance and great looks), a 612 (mostly for its amazing value) and the 550 (for... well, itís a 550!). To cut a long story short, I zeroed in without too much effort on the 550. Owning a modern F1 V8 (and red) already, it was only natural to go for the future classic, classy and analog feeling car.

So here I am, early September 2019, officially kicking off my search for a 550 maranello.

Here are some of the things I am looking for:
- Color: silver, grey or blue (tdf or pozzi)... potentially black though not my first choice
- Seat: black or tan. Not creme or bordeaux
- Mileage: anywhere between 35-50k Miles. Given that I really want to drive the @@ out of the car, I would rather not pay a huge premium for a low miles model and worry about depreciation too much. Without mentioning problems associated with garage queens.
- Driving position: I am not fussed about RHD vs LHD as most of the miles will be driven over Europe.

- Budget: I know itís a buyerís market at the moment, but who knows how far the prices will go. I donít need a concours car, I just want a well loved and well maintained car. I believe a 5-figure budget starting with a Ď6í gets me in an honest RHD, and a budget starting with a Ď5í in a LHD. I am in no hurry but equally have the cash to jump on the right car.

So very much like I did 3 years ago, I am starting a thread, hoping for more invaluable contributions from you, good people of this forum, in furthering my journey in the Ferrari world.