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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Blanchard View Post
    Yes that's what I originally thought, so I have been misinformed then!

    This is from there website:

    The three kits are different for the sound level:

    - A standard Tubi sound, that is louder than OE exhaust
    - A louder sound
    - A silenced sound, that permit to use the car inside European Urban tracks with dB limitations.
    I’ve not seen the silenced system for sale but I read that as the standard ‘Tubi Sound’ and the louder sound is the ‘+Rumore’. There’s no ‘silenced sound’ on their site for sale so maybe they somehow quieten down the normal Sound exhaust ?

    I think where people have 2 cars both with a Tubi Sound but think one is different from the other is possibly where 1 car has standard cats and the other has high flow sports cats. Most standard cats cut down the volume a great deal while high flow sports cats don’t. That’s certainly the case on a 348 anyway.
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