Anyone got any experience of KGM Insurance.

My home insurance broker asked if they could quote for my car insurance and I thought I'd see what they had to offer.

They have come up with VERY attractive offer through KGM who do offer a specialised class car insurance. I've checked their website.

Only fly in the ointment is that the standard policy limits windscreen replacement to 500 which considering that a replacement 2 years ago it was 5 hours labour, doesn't seem that sensible.

The major difference between them and my current insurer, Classicline, is that they don't offer breakdown and recovery. That is not a problem in the UK as I have AA cover through my bank account. But Classicline also includes European cover. But as I wasn't able to do any of the three continental trips that I intended last year I probably wasted a lot of money and as my broker pointed out they can supply me a separate policy if I get to go away this year and it still works out cheaper.